11 Apr, 2017

New content from Tea Gardens in Bangladesh

In February we took a journalist from the Guardian newspaper to visit several tea gardens in the Sylhet District of Bangladesh.

Tea pickers are among the most marginalised groups of people in Bangladeshi society. They are descended from landless families brought in from India during British colonial times to work in the tea plantations and work long hours for very little pay (about 70p a day); tea plantation owners are legally responsible for their health care and education but facilities are very poor. Until WaterAid's work they relied upon hand-dug wells and nearby streams for drinking water, and largely practiced open defecation. Now, workers like Ritu, above, have full access to water and sanitation. 45000 people have been supported with WASH across 21 tea gardens with funding from HSBC. 

Click here to read the article on the Guardian. To find the content on Asset Bank search BG39. This content is now available to use by the whole organisation. 

Photos by Abir Abdullah

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