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Case Study:Katy Shaw

Katy is 31 and lives in Melbourne, prior to this she lived in Malawi for two years, and is originally from the UK. This will be her first baby.

What’s in the bag?
- toiletries
- snacks
- nappies
- hat
- socks
- mittens
- clothes and swaddles for the baby
- clothes for me
- night dresses
- maternity underwear
- maternity pads and nursing pads
- massage oils

“I feel it is unbelievable that women are in that position (heavily pregnant women collecting dirty water themselves in the countries where WaterAid works), dealing with the everyday stresses of pregnancy and the prospect of childbirth, as well as the additional burden of collecting water.

“Even carrying the maternity bag is too heavy for me, I couldn’t imagine how I would cope if I had to carry 25litres of water over a distance. Physically I don’t know if I would be able to do it even before I was pregnant.”