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Case Study:Joanna Edwards

Joanna, 34, lives in London, and is expecting her first baby.

What’s in the bag?
- nappies
- little white clothes for the baby
- some knitted trousers
- lots of snacks
- my clothes
- my own towel
- toiletries
- a TENS machine
- maternity pads
- iPad
- water bottle
- Medical notes
- A blanket

“I have packed a water bottle, my sister suggested to bring something to make it (water) easier to drink (during labour). I will bring it empty and I assuming the hospital will have somewhere I can fill it. They must have a water fountain. I am taking that for granted, unlike people in Africa. The most important thing in the bag is the blanket my mum gave me to bring the baby home in, the same one my mother brought me home in.”